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Hand Cut (Zabiha)

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Naturally Sourced & Processed

All chicken processed at Ihsan Farms is sourced from all-natural, organic farms that feed their chickens a completely vegetable diet and do NOT treat them with hormones, antibiotics or any other chemicals. During the production process, Ihsan Farms uses an all-natural, vegetable-derived compound to sanitize and wash the chicken, ensuring the product is safe to eat without exposure to dangerous chlorine bleach. This helps maintain the bird’s natural, delicious flavour!

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Ihsan Farms is Halal


Ihsan Farms has designed its poultry processing facility for the production of Halal, “Zabiha” only. Each chicken is individually inspected for the utmost quality and hand cut one bird at a time, eliminating the use of stunning procedures. Ihsan Farms’ dedication to the production of wholesome, natural and true Halal products, according to the “Shariah,” results in a premium quality, better-tasting, more ethical, and healthier product! Ihsan Farms is certified Halal by Halal Food Council USAPersian Gulf Coordinating Council (GCC), Shariah Board of New York, and Shariah Board of Chicago.